This is a list of the call numbers in the DPL catalog and where they are located in the library. If you have any questions or need assistance please see someone at either circulation desk or call 317 745 2604.

Call Numbers Description Location
000-999 Nonfiction Adult Services
AGN Adult Graphic Novels Adult Services
B-92-920 Biographies Adult Services
BCD Audiobooks on CD Adult Services
DVD DVDs Adult Services
E 000-999 Easy Reader Non-Fiction Youth Services
E Boardbook Boardbooks Youth Services
E Easy books/Picture books Youth Services
F Fiction Adult Services
HCVF Hendricks County Vertical Files Indiana Room
I 000-999 Indiana Room Nonfiction Indiana Room
IB Indiana Room Biographies Indiana Room
ICD Indiana Room CD-ROMs Indiana Room
IF Indiana Room Fiction Indiana Room
IMAG Indiana Room Magazines Indiana Room
INS Inspirational Fiction Adult Services
IR Indiana Room Reference Indiana Room
IVF Indiana Room Vertical Files Indiana Room
IVR Indiana Vital Records Collection Indiana Room
J 000-999 Juvenile Nonfiction Youth Services
JB Juvenile Biographies Youth Services
JBCD Juvenile Audiobooks Youth Services
JDVD Juvenile DVDs Youth Services
JF Juvenile Fiction Youth Services
JGN Juvenile Graphic Novels Youth Services
JKIT Juvenile Science Kits Youth Services
JMAG Juvenile Magazines Youth Services
JR Juvenile Reference Youth Services
JSF Juvenile Science Fiction Youth Services
LP Large Print Books Adult Services
M Mysteries Adult Services
MAG Magazines Adult Services
PB Paperbacks Adult Services
PF Pamphlet Files Adult Services
Pre-R Pre-Reader books Youth Services
Q Nonfiction (Oversized Books) Adult Services
R Reference Adult Services
RR Ready Reader Youth Services
SF Science Fiction Adult Services
W Westerns Adult Services
YAF Young Adult Fiction Youth Services
YAMAG Young Adult Magazines Youth Services
YAR Young Adult Reference Youth Services
YASF Young Adult Science Fiction Youth Services
YBCD Young Adult Audiobooks Youth Services
YGN Young Adult Graphic Novels Youth Services